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Computer Programming is necessary in almost every industry. Programmers, Software Developers, and Application Developers are responsible for creating and writing the source code of computer programs and then continuously fine-tuning and maintaining it. Source codes are written in a certain programming language, which varies depending on what the computer program’s function and overall purpose should be.

Each programming language, such as COBOL, C++, Sun Java, Microsoft Vbscript, and Microsoft .NET for Windows Applications, supports different styles of programming. It is difficult to determine the most popular programming style, since each computer programmer develops their own style and every program is unique and subject to the desired behavior of the program.

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While the employment of Computer Programmer professionals is expected to decline slowly due to advances within each programming language and offshore outsourcing, employers will continue to need local computer programmer professionals, especially those who have strong technical skills and who understand an employer’s business and its programming requirements. Due to the growing ability of other types of Information Technology workers, such as Software Developers, Application Developers, Software Consultants, and Software Designers, computer programmers will have the knowledge and experience to spread their wings in a variety of IT jobs to design, write and implement more of their own programs.

Computer programmers must keep abreast of changes in each programming language and technique. Given the importance of networking and the expansion of client/server, web-based and wireless environments, organizations will be most interested in a computer programmer who can support data communications, help implement new business and intranet strategies and evolve with the need of constant computer program modifications. With the expansion of intranets, extranets and internet applications, the demand for computer programmer professionals with strong object-oriented programming capabilities and technical specialization will increase. High-demand areas currently include client/server programming, wireless applications, multimedia technology and graphic user interface.

Programmers will receive better job opportunities by being proficient in not just one, but a variety of programming language techniques, including Access Programmers, Visual Basic Programmers, and .NET Programmers. The languages currently in demand include C++, Java, and other object-oriented languages, as well as newer, domain-specific languages that apply to database management, computer networking and internet application development.

What does a Computer Programmer do?

A computer programmer designs software programs by using a specific computer programming language. First they define the need of the program, then design a flowchart, code the software, debug and finally beta test the program. Many times the computer programmer will also design a graphical user interface (GUI) to work as a translator of the programming language so that all users can run the software without needing to understand computer programming.

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Benefits of CBT Direct’s Online Computer Programming Training

CBT Direct boasts the most beneficial online certification and computer training on the market. With online IT training, you have the flexibility to study on your schedule, and with the speed and reliability of the internet, CBT Direct’s computer programming courses are accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. And what better way to get computer training than at home or at work on your own computer. Convenience finally costs less with CBT Direct – the most affordable online IT training solution today. CBT Direct is also a Microsoft Certified Partner.

Click here to do one of our Test Assessments CBT Direct offers Microsoft®, Oracle and many more online certification training solutions for computer programming. With CBT Direct’s online computer training, you’ll receive high-level instruction for Microsoft MCTS .Net WEB certification and more. You’ll benefit from the accessibility, affordability and flexibility of CBT Direct’s self-paced online IT training for all your training needs.

CBT Direct’s online certification training courses use the latest computer training technologies available. The unique design of our computer programming training courses incorporates a proven four-step learning process: presentation, demonstration, guidance and independent practice. This exceptional learning model ensures the greatest level of comprehension and retention to prepare you for your computer programming certification exams.

CBT Direct also offers online mentoring for over 100 current major certification exams in computer programming, including Sun JAVA, for IT professionals and end-users alike. CBT Direct’s in-house mentors have a minimum of 20 certifications each and are available 24/7*. This around-the-clock live coaching gives you the expert certification support you need to focus on your programming training and prepare for your own certification exam through live chat and email with highly acclaimed and certified IT professionals.
* Available for most courses.

In an IT job that encompasses computer programmer responsibilities, such as a Software Developer, Web Programmer, Computer Programmer or a Software Designer, you will be able to apply your computer programming skills and increase your knowledge of the Information Technology industry, with the help of CBT Direct’s programming online training!

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