1. You are working on a document and want to include a list of items. Instead of inserting a text list, you decide to insert a SmartArt list. You have inserted the SmartArt list and modified its contents accordingly. You now want to change the color scheme of the entire image containing the list. What tab and what button will allow you to do this if you have clicked on the SmartArt image?

A. Design - Change Colors
B. Format - Shape Fill
C. Design - Reset Graphic
D. Format - WordArt Styles

2. You are creating a report to distribute to the employees in your organization. Before sending it, you decide to email the document to the managers in each department. You instruct them to review the document and reply back with any suggestions. You want to ensure that when the managers receive your document, they can determine whether it has been changed since it left your hands. Which feature can you use to accomplish this?

A. Protect Document
B. Citation
C. Footnote
D. Digital Signature

3. You have just started working on a document and you find the paragraph lines are too close together. You would like to double the spacing between the lines. From which of these options can you access the spacing feature? (Choose two)

A.Home tab | Paragraph group
B.Double-click top part of the ruler, Paragraph dialog box
C.Page Layout tab | Page Setup group
D.Page Layout tab | Paragraph group

4. You are using Word 2007 to write a report for a college class. The professor has imposed a strict regulation that you must include reference information as footnotes at the very end of the document. From within the Reference tab, what button can you use to ensure that your footnotes are located at the end of the document?

A. Insert Caption
B. Insert Footnote
C. Insert Endnote
D. Insert Index

5. You currently have two columns with the headings First_Name and Last_Name contained in cells C1 and D1, respectively. You want to create a third heading within cell E1 called Employee Name. The full name of each employee should be displayed under this heading by using the neighboring information from columns C and D. The full name should appear as Last_Name, First_Name. How may this be accomplished? (Choose two)

A.=D2,&" "&,C2
B.=D2&", "&C2

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